Business Management

DM provides strategic advice in keys areas of business including, navigation of the business climate, strengthening the planning, design and implementation of projects. This involves developing a new methodology for planning and implementing projects. The methodology includes all aspects of organizational functionality: corporate and business strategies, organizational restructuring; all human resource issues including identification, selection and training of staff, remuneration and personnel policies; customer relationship management; technology applications; project management, financial management, contract management and subcontracting.

Strategic Partnerships

DM facilitates innovative business partnerships between local firms and international firms. By forging these partnerships, we provide firms with greater access to international markets, effective management, investment capital and increase in the efficiency of supply chains.  DM can help you find buyers for your product or services.

Proposal Writing & Business Plans

DM has a professional team to write proposals and business plans based on international standards. This is a critical step in the development of your business and when done properly can act as guide when developing the business.

Supply Chain Management

DM helps the client to decide the most cost effective and efficient way to transport and purchase products. This will help you save money and time and allow you to spend time on what is critical.

We Work to Fit Your Needs

DM's role is negotiable depending on your business needs.  We want to help you save time, money and build profits.

For more information please contact Andrew Matthews - or +1.613.231.2693