Based in Ottawa, Canada, Douglas McNeill, a company owned and operated by Andrew Matthews, helps companies from Canada and the United States expand into emerging markets such as the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa.  DM's only goal is to help sell your product or service to the international marketplace.

Drawing from expertise and relationships developed over 12 years of international business in some of the world’s most challenging markets, DM will help your organization make the right decisions on strategy, vision, operations and work to establish the strategic partnerships that will enable you to sell your product or service.  Our promise is to leave your company a stronger, more efficient, and more profitable place than we found it.  Our business model is success based, where we typically charge the client a low monthly fee and then charge a commission fee when their product or service is sold. 

Videos that interest us!

Great video about how a company really begins!

New promotional video from our client - Island Water Technologies.  The world's first self-powered wastewater treatment system

An interesting problem when teaching surgery internationally 

How Qatar has dealt with having no water and their future plans to continue to deal with it