About the Founder

Andrew Matthews, founder of Douglas McNeill Consulting, incorporated the company in Canada in 2006.  The company is named after Andrew’s father, Douglas, and Andrew’s late grandfather, whose middle name was McNeill.

Over the last five years Andrew has been completely dedicated to one client, Appleton Consulting Inc.  As one of the two partners at Appleton he ran all the operations, which included business development.  Appleton is a leading engineering consulting company that helps international and local firms grow in Afghanistan.  One of Andrew's main accomplishments during his time with Appleton was bringing Ellis Don (one of Canada’s top engineering firms) and Canarail (an international rail engineering company based in Montreal) into Afghanistan, by finding them the right opportunities and supporting them in their entry into this new environment.  Now Appleton is working with Ellis Don to oversee the construction of 3,000 low-cost housing units in Kabul, and with Canarail to conduct the pre-feasibility and preliminary design of 700 km of railway in Northern Afghanistan, both multi-million dollar projects.  In addition to bringing in international clients, under his leadership the team helped their local engineering clients win over $150M worth of projects.    

In addition to the above experience, from 2003 to 2006 he worked with an international supply chain management company. During this time he lived and worked in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Djibouti, Ethiopia and Sudan. During his time as the Kuwait country manager, living in both Iraq and Kuwait (the logistical hub for Iraq), he helped manage the logistics for one of the largest projects in the post-war reconstruction of Iraq. He also has business relationships and experience in the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

Through this experience, he has developed the knowledge, experience and relationships necessary to effectively manage your business affairs internationally.

A thirst for personal adventure frequently leads him to travel further abroad, while he attempts to tackle the Seven Summit Challenge by climbing the tallest mountains on each continent.